Connect4Fun -  The UK swingers largest and only genuine swingers contacts club - Why?

Find out what makes us the No 1 choice for UK swingers and contact 1,600,000 active swingers

UK swingers have for many years regarded Connect4Fun as the only choice in adult contacts clubs. In the nine years since it was founded, Connect4Fun has helped thousands of couples, single women and single men contact other UK swingers, whether for 1-2-1 sex, threesomes, foursomes or group sex - straight and bi. Since 1999, Connect4Fun has been known as THE genuine swingers contact club for those in the UK following a swinging lifestyle or thinking of "testing the water" and becoming swingers and are proud to STILL be the ONLY genuine swingers contacts club for UK swingers nine years later. No other swingers contacts club or site can offer it's members what is offered by Connect4Fun - despite so many attempting to copy our sites and concepts

Connect4Fun has always been run by swingers for swingers and not profit. Much of the content on the site is free, including the personals section, although there is an option to upgrade to premium membership to gain access to even more features.

Whilst other sites crop up from time to time claiming to be genuine, so many of them disappear without trace after a short while. Many more are not UK swingers sites but sites with a British section, run from the USA and elsewhere abroad by foreigners with no interest in the UK swinging scene! So many sites are built only on the back of "affiliate systems" and are best described as nothing more than money making exercises by webmasters working part time from a spare bedroom at home. This is not the case at Connect4Fun where three of us spend our waking hours dedicated to providing a full time service to UK swingers ( supported by another couple, our founders who have now "retired" ) from three offices dedicated to the UK swinging scene.

The fact that Connect4Fun are the only contacts club with this level of dedication is just one reason why UK swingers who are serious about swinging make C4F their first (and usually only) choice.

To make sure that you are joining a club or site that is both genuine and dedicated to UK swingers, follow the guidelines below - most are no more than common sense - and like so many others, you will find that there is only one choice in the search for a truly genuine contacts club dedicated to UK swingers ..........

1 - Did the club exist before the "Internet revolution" or has it only ever been an internet site, probably built off the back of internet "anonymity"? In other words does it have it's own identity and membership database or is it just part of a larger affiliate system?
Connect4Fun started with "paper" contact magazines (which still exist even today for our members without private internet connections and are available free of charge) and have helped UK swingers make contact through the post via box numbers since 1998. This website came later as members changed their communication mediums and requested the site, and then evolved still further as we became the first major swingers site to join forces with the Adult Hub after the photo personals system software had been tested and proven as reliable enough for Connect4Fun to become a part of. Whilst all sites that affiliate to Connect4Fun through the Hub can claim to have almost 1,300,000 active profiles worldwide available to view, we will always have another 120,000 plus active UK swingers for members to contact, which are exclusive to Connect4Fun the UK swingers LARGEST AND ONLY GENUINE contacts club dedicated to swingers and swinging in the UK.

2 - Has the club existed for a reasonable time (say a minimum of five or six years) and can it therefore demonstrate stability and dedication to swingers?
Connect4Fun was founded in 1998 - 9 years ago. Very few, if any, swingers contact clubs can claim that. It is fair to say that any club formed in the 1990's is stable - if it has not existed for that period of time, be wary. Clubs like Connect4Fun with a nine year history will not disappear overnight, whereas some of the newer (especially internet site only) ones???? Who knows, but do not take risks with your personal and contacts details along with membership payments, especially if you do not have UK contact phone numbers and UK addresses to make contact in the event of a problem.

3 - Does the club have a UK office base or is it something run from a spare room at home? Does the club publish a UK street address (and not just a PO Box Number)?
Connect4Fun have offices in Luton, very close to the airport, at 45 Windmill Road and certain of the "postal" activities associated with the old style "paper" swingers directories are still dealt with at that address and all post is received there and distributed to the other two offices used by us in Epping and Dunstable. Our founders, Jane and Andrew, are now "retired" and live in Spain but still help to run this site as well as the largest expatriate swingers sites in Spain and worldwide, so we could actually claim a Spanish office as well!

4 - Does the club have a UK STD telephone number (not an 0870, 0871, 0845 etc or mobile number)?
Connect4Fun can be reached through 01992 619991 or 01582 606050 - please feel free to ring us. We do work some funny hours, so do leave a message on the answer machines if we do not answer ourselves and we will get back to you. We cannot stress enough that several "UK" Swingers sites have no connection with the UK and are based in the USA and elsewhere abroad so insist on having a UK land line phone number and UK address as a means of contact - a genuine club or site have nothing to hide! If that UK land line number or UK address is not published, it is fair to say you have probably found one of the many so called UK swingers sites run just for money!

Follow these simple tests and we are sure that like the majority of UK swingers you will agree that there is only one genuine, established, stable, dedicated swingers contacts club for those in Britain following a swinging lifestyle.  There is no other contacts club or site offering the service, honesty or integrity demonstrated for nine years by the UK's ONLY genuine swingers contact club ......





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