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Polyamory - how does it compare to swinging?

Poly's and swingers  -  the same?

These are two questions that we have often been asked and felt we needed to explain the situation to users of the site.  The two lifestyles are totally different and are at total conflict with each other.  Whilst this site is a swingers site and the ads system is based upon that principal it may be, however, that those enjoying or seeking a Polymory lifestyle can find possible partners in the system.

Polyamory is described in the Websters Dictionary as "participation in multiple and simultaneous loving or sexual relationships".  Poly's are those following that lifestyle.  By breaking down the word, it's meaning becomes just as clear "Poly [many] amor [love] y"

Polyamory can be described as a lifestyle that involves an open relationship with more than one partner where the core to the relationship is love and emotion.  

Swinging on the other hand is about "No Strings" or "Recreational" sex.  The lifestyle has a basic principal that there is no love, affection or emotional intimacy with the additional partner(s) just fun and an enjoyment of additional sex to that found in the core relationship.

There is nothing to prevent Poly's becoming swingers  -  at the end of the day the fact that there is a multiple partner realationship does not stop each or all of the partners also becoming involved in swinging.  At the same time there is nothing to stop swingers starting to follow a lifestyle of Polyamory  -  it has been known that threesomes have become something more akin to Polyamory. 

The important thing is that the two lifestyles are totally at odds to each other but can, in extreme circumstances, come together.  However, the basic principal of both lifestyles is the need for honesty and openness.

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