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Dogging Locations and Doggers Information

This section deals with the UK dogging scene and provides a listing of known locations where the fun occurs.  We try to keep the listing up to date but obviously action by local authorities, land owners and the Police means that changes can occur.

Whilst Dogging is not strictly part of the swinging scene, the two lifestyles do at times overlap and this section is therefore included for those of our members that do also participate in Dogging.  Thanks to the members that have contributed to this section.


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Dogging is a term used to describe a variety of sexual activities outdoors. Dogging can be associated with voyeurism and swinging as this activity sometimes may involve swapping partners and attract observers.

Dogging was something that started in the UK but is now becoming popular elsewhere.  The vast majority of dogging tends to fall into the descriptions of Sex in Car Parks, Public Parks and Beaches - it is no doubt the thrill of possibly being caught that adds to the enjoyment but that is also where doggers and the law can come into conflict.

Most Doggers arrange their meetings through dogging and swingers sites and message boards on the net that provide the facility to find sexual encounters and organize dogging sessions.  As this site provides adult contacts of all kinds, doggers are able to use the ads system and forums to make contact, exchange photos, talk by chat rooms or video chats and generally arrange to enjoy their leisure time

Doggers often use their cameras and mobile phones to record their meetings, obviously with prior agreement of others involved! As a result, their are many internet sites offering dogging videos and dogging pictures.  The best of these is dogging net, which also has more specialist contact facilities and message boards than we offer.  Click on the banner below to find out more.


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